About Eyedog Indoor Navigation

History and background

The first concept of Eyedog Indoor Navigation was defined during a research project at Delft University of Technology already in the '90's of last century under supervision of professor Beheshti. It took almost 20 years before technology was available to create an indoor navigation system that can ultimately offer an unrivalled wayfinding experience.

Eyedog Indoor Navigation was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from a consultancy company specialised in optimising operational processes using advanced mathematical techniques and computational modelling. In wayfinding related projects we worked side by side with highly experienced leading international wayfinding consultants having over 35 years of experience in complex wayfinding projects in health care and education. Together we defined the prerequisites of an indoor navigation system that offers a peerless wayfinding experience. Next to that we created computer models that can support facility managers making quantitative wayfinding analyses. Eyedog is historically strongly connected to Modulex Group Founded in 1963 by the Lego group. Modulex is a global leader in signage and environmental graphics offering directional and wayfinding solutions. 


Eyedog acknowledges that Indoor navigation is not only about technology. It is not about just copying car-navigation to indoors. We think it is about bridging the gap between mobile technology and indoor wayfinding and putting user experience first. Our indoor navigation methodology is based on scientific wayfinding best practices. Eyedog has a strong focus on R&D, witnessing the partnership with the Faculty of Geography of the Ghent University (sub-department Cartography and GIS) in Belgium and one of our staff members is pursuing a PhD on the intersection of Geomatics and Cognitive Science, and is researching the impact of digital tools on the navigation behaviour of pedestrians in the built environment.

Eyedog Indoor Navigation is currently installed in over 40 large buildings (hospitals, universities, shopping centers, train stations) in the USA, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and the Middle East. 

Eyedog Indoor Navigation operates from The Netherlands currently staffing 12 people. Our people have a strong academic background with master and PhD degrees in computer science, cognitive science and industrial design engineering from the world’s most prestigious (technical) universities.

You are kindly invited to contact us if you would like to know more on our vision on indoor navigation, a client reference list and the possibilities for your facility.