Mobile Wayfinding for Large Indoor Environments

Finding your way inside hospitals, universities, museums, art-exhibitions, airports, tourist attractions, shopping centers, will never be the same anymore...

Eyedog is build by wayfinding experts and scientists and is therefore the only indoor navigation system in the world that delivers a great wayfinding experience. The wayfinding performance is unique. Therefor we call it Mobile Wayfinding.

Mobile Wayfinding - Based on Scientific best Practises -

Eyedog provides solutions at the cutting edge of wayfinding and mobile technology.  

Our unique approach is based on scientific wayfinding best practices and brings value to all kinds of wayfinding cases, especially in large complex buildings or public areas such as hospitals, airports, universities, shopping malls, museums, in-store, as well as outdoor venues like campuses, zoos, amusement parks.

The world learned from scientific research, that copying the concept and techniques of outdoor navigation to an indoor environment is not the way to go. A more advanced indoor navigation concept is required to get a best-in-class wayfinding experience. An indoor navigation system, designed and engineered by the World's leading wayfinding experts. An indoor navigation system that finally brings value to the user. Meet: Eyedog Indoor Navigation the world's leading indoor navigation system.

Indoor Navigation News

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...You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology - not the other way around....
— Steve Jobs, May 1997, World Wide Developers Conference