Eyedog API and SDK

Simple integration with your existing mobile apps and web apps

To improve the adoption of our native mobile solution (Eyedog Native), some form of integration with patient apps, campus apps, etc is recommended as it will increase usage rates.

There are three ways to add Eyedog wayfinding to your mobile apps. For low level integration, you can just call an Eyedog Native app from your app using a standard URL scheme that is available in any native app, accompanied with location parameters that are stored in your app.

The deepest integration with your mobile apps, can be realised using the Eyedog Native Android SDK and Eyedog Native iOS SDK to empower your apps with Eyedog Native functionality. Your developers can build any flavour or skin over our SDK’s and integrate this into your existing apps.

Integration is very easy with the help of the SDK manual, a tutorial and demo app. In case your developers require assistance, our engineers will open a Slack communication support channel that you can join.

Rich Mobile Wayfinding API’s

Our Rest API’s are open for integrating our unrivalled wayfinding solution into your mobile apps, kiosks, digital screens or anywhere else in your digital ecosystem. If 4G internet connection is not an issue in your building, an alternative integration solution is connecting your mobile apps to the Eyedog Wayfinding API.

You can either simply integrate Eyedog Cloud into your existing mobile apps or web apps, or connect with our fast JSON API’s to request all necessary location data, and to retrieve custom route information on demand and present this in your mobile apps, web apps and kiosks in any format you like. Integration is super-easy and totally depends on how simple you want to make your UI.