Indoor Navigation for Shopping Malls

Wayfinding challenges in Shopping Malls are very different from the wayfinding challenges in for example hospitals. People are more relaxed, the building architecture is less complicated and people navigate from place to place.

Powerfull wayfinding support is nevertheless very valuable to shopping mall visitors especially when they are large and host over 100 tenants. 

Eyedog Indoor Navigation provides visitors of shopping malls a quick overview of tenants within the facility including simple directions towards them. This will avoid people to search at kiosks for their favourite shop or brand, looking at floor plans and asking for directions. Shoppers want to know only three things: what is there, how to get there, and ultimately: how to get back to the car. 


One simple application; let your visitors easily find what they need.

There are tons of applications for shopping malls and they all focus on unsolicited advertising, without bringing value to the user. Scientific research acknowledges that people don’t like apps that just send commercial notifications. 

Eyedog Indoor Navigation brings value to mall visitors. We help shoppers to find and locate their favourite shop and brand, and create valuable traffic for shopping mall tenants.

Besides assisting visitors with state of the art wayfinding, Eyedog Indoor Navigation can unlock new business models for shopping malls, offering commercial location based services based on the user’s context. Location based messaging, promotion and advertising inside the wayfinding system open new context-based channels for revenue generation.

The navigation system offers three advertising & promotional models:

  • Directory advertising

  • Keyword search / advertising

  • Proximity / Location Based Advertising


Directory Advertising

Directories provide the ability to promote business locations in destination listings. Venue owners can offer top ranking positions in destinations listings inside the indoor navigation systems to shop owners or other real estate tenants that want to be found.

Keyword ('adwords') Search: find shops and products

Shopping mall owners have the ability to offer keywords that represent products or services of retailers that want to drive traffic into their stores. Keywords can be maintained by the tenants themselves and can be changed any moment of the day. 

It will not be necessary anymore for shoppers to look out for the correct business name in the listings. Keywords searches like for example “flowers”, “pharmacy”, “sandwiches”, "manicure", "adidas"  will help the shopper to find the service, product, shop or brand they are looking for. Easy key-word search for the shopper leading to dedicated traffic for the tenants. 

Proximity Advertising - context is King!

Optional promotional features are available to tenants, as they can provide messages within the navigation system to the shoppers depending on their location. These advertisements are not unsolicited advertisements, but promotions that are relevant to the user’s context. Our messaging platform drives people into retail shops by showing relevant advertisements through geo-fencing.



Due to the nature of the product, no external hardware for indoor positioning like WiFi stations or BTLE beacons is required for wayfinding and advertizing. Especially at large shopping malls, the investment in acquiring, installing and maintaining beacons can be very taxing. These investments can be ignored, without being at the expense of the mobile wayfinding performance and (commercial) relevancy of information for the shoppers.