Privacy Policy and EULA

Privacy Policy

Eyedog is respecting the user's privacy at all time. We do not collect any personal information. Eyedog Indoor Navigation and its clients use certain data generated by visitors of its website and users of its apps solely to improve the online / digital services we provide.

Collected Data

Only the following information is collected from the users of our mobile apps and website without consent: 

  • The IP address of which you access our site or our apps; 
  • the date and time you access our site or our apps;
  • The deviceID of your smartphone when using our apps;
  • The pages visited.

Use of Camera

Eyedog Indoor Navigation apps use the camera solely for scanning QR codes. These QR codes represent locations within the building and are used by the user for self-localisation during navigation.

Location data

Eyedog calculates latitude and longitude coordinates of the user, by means motions sensors. This data is used to provide feedback to the user to enhance the wayfinding performance.