Université Antonine in Beirut launches campus wide Indoor Navigation


Université Antonine, in partnership with Eyedog Indoor Navigation, the world's leading indoor navigation and mobile way-finding solution, through Sign Module System - EIN dealers in Lebanon and the MENA region - launched a mobile application “UA Way-finding” for indoor navigation on the basis of real photos.

This application allows visitors and especially new students to find their ways more easily between UA several buildings and facilities.

"Several months were needed to develop the application. We studied the structure of the University, traffic flows and the different destinations before doing software modeling work; Several hundred pictures were then taken to give the user a landmark, said Mr. Fouad Abdallah, the Project Manager.

Very easy to update, the app does not require any internet connection, is multilingual and intuitive, gives a dynamic and modern image of the University, and specially saves users time and helps them get to their appointments on time.

"We are very happy that together with Université Antonine we were able to introduce image based indoor navigation in Lebanon", said Ralph Michels, CTO of Eyedog. "This is the only pedestrian navigation system that would work in a complex area as a university campus were people typically move both indoor and outdoor, and where the user can fail internet connection while navigating. Our system is the only indoor pedestrian navigation system that does not require an indoor positioning system and/or internet connection to function. But more importantly, the usability is unrivalled, something that is acknowledged by scientific research and therefor also by Université Antonine." 

The app is available free of charge for download in the Apple App store and the Google Play store.