Indoor Wayfinding meets computer modelling

Defining Indoor Wayfinding Systems

Developing wayfinding concepts for large buildings and outdoor venues is a very complex iterative task, which can only be carried out by experienced wayfinding experts. Visitor profiles, visitor flow and additional requirements from the venue owner need to be analysed and will lead to the appropriate wayfinding design for that venue.

Our computer models can generate very accurate wayfinding information plans to support these wayfinding analyses. For every decision point in the facility, our models will generate the information that is required for wayfinding, whether the wayfinding directions are based on text, numerical arrays or on a nested model. 

Evaluating Indoor Wayfinding Systems

Eyedog has developed a unique system to make quantitative analysis of the quality of the current wayfinding design in large complex buildings. These wayfinding analyses can be conducted on selected routes but also for the total facility. An analytics team will provide smartphones to your visitors to carry in their pocket until they arrive at their final destination. Our software can track how people move around, at what speed, where they stop, where they make wrong decisions, how they look around, dwell time, etc. This data will give you a thorough understanding of the quality of your wayfinding system at every location in the building.

Advanced indoor pedestrian traffic analysis

Venues offering Eyedog Indoor Navigation to their visitors, can understand more on pedestrian flow inside and around the venue. Our advanced analytics software provide accurate traffic analysis that offers valuable information on the traffic in elevators, aisles, stairways, intersections, etc.

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