Eyedog Native

No infrastructure, no internet connection, no indoor maps

Eyedog Native is our indoor navigation system solution that works within our native Android and native iOS applications and offers therefor the best mobile wayfinding user experience imaginable.

Due to the unique UX and architecture, Eyedog Native does not require any additional hardware and continuous internet connection to function.

Due to the nature of Eyedog Native, no external hardware (for indoor positioning) like WiFi stations or BTLE beacons is required to help people navigate inside the building using the Eyedog mobile wayfinding application. Besides, the architecture of the system is made in such a way that users of the native mobile applications do not need any Internet while navigating. This means, that no Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connectivity is required on the smartphone for the Eyedog Native wayfinding application to function. Even in the deepest bowels of the building this solution would work.

Optional IPS based on Robotics

Most Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) are costly. Research suggests the operational support of such a system can be taxing. Getting everything to work is a challenge and keeping it working exactly how it was communicated is also challenging.

Our optional IPS works without the need to install any infrastructure in the building as it solely relies on Machine Learning algorithms. We are able to locate your phone using only the built-in sensors with a maximum inaccuracy of 4-5 meters, no matter how long your navigation path is, no matter if you are running, taking stairs, or put your phone in your pocket.

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