Indoor Navigation for Museums and Cultural Sites

Museums or cultural sites are committed to offer their public a unique life-time experience. Excellent Wayfinding is conditional to a positive experience. Better to say: bad wayfinding will negatively influence the experience visitors potentially will have.

It’s a museums mission to share art. The more visitors the better. Also from a business point of view. More business allows museums to re-invest in temporary exhibitions or acquiring new valuable art-pieces. 
Ironically, when visitors are inside, museums want these visitors to move as quickly and smoothly as possible to the end. More crowd may lead to congestions resulting in longer queues at the entrance and less new visitors. A challenging hospitality paradox. 

Guided tours and audio tours may lead to a better visitor flow since these tours have wayfinding as a by-product. However, a lot of people don’t see the value and are not willing to pay the extra charge and walk around using the museum directory brochures instead. Brochures with floorpans helping them to find their way to the art pieces they are looking for.

Eyedog found a solution to provide personalised wayfinding to museum visitors in helping visitors to navigate from art-room to art-room. And on top of that, create the option for museum staff to offer customised audio tours including photo landmark navigation.

Mobile Wayfinding and Audio Tour in one!

Eyedog offers museums and cultural sites the audio tours module. Next to regular mobile wayfinding to assist visitors in finding their way to art rooms and even art pieces, museums can now avoid congestion and keep visitors smoothly walking around from art-piece to art-piece offering thematic tours of their interest.

Tours can be created and customised at any moment. Art pieces from temporary exhibitions can be added to an existing tour and art-pieces - that are temporary lend out - can be taken out in seconds. Based on these changes, the system will generate a new optimised path within the required time constraints, ultimately leading visitors in a logical way through the museum.

These tours can be enriched with audio content, offering a full audio tour including personalised mobile wayfinding.

A perfect museum experience for the visitor and an ultimate visitor flow for the museum.

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