Eyedog IPS

Optional Indoor Positioning, that does not rely on infrastructure

One of the key features of Eyedog is that the facility does not require to install costly external hardware like beacons or location servers for location tracking. Eyedog Indoor Navigation does not even require an IPS to be installed to function!

Whether an Indoor Positioning System (IPS) is useful or not, totally depends on the facility type and how the visitors typically move around in that facility. It requires research to understand the typical wayfinding behaviour of the visitors of the building. Again, user experience comes first; after we will look into the technology, if required.

Indoor Positioning Systems generate user data which can be valuable to facilities and could be analysed by the Eyedog Analytics Module.

Only Indoor Positioning Systems that are able to provide micro-location data to the user, may enhance the usability of Eyedog Indoor Navigation. Accurate real time location data of the user, will enable off-route notifciations in the rare occasion the user takes a wrong turn. Automatic location detection simplifying the process of selecting the current location before navigation will be available as well. Besides,

IPS based on Machine Learning

When Eyedog IPS Module is selected as an additional feature on top of the regular mobile wayfinding service, Eyedog offers the most advanced indoor positioning system available in the market today. It can operate indoors and outdoors without relying on infrastructure such as WiFi Access Points, Bluetooth Beacons or even GPS. So, no external hardware required! And it works without having ever visited the facility before, meaning that no finger-printing is required and no internet connection is required when operational!

The IPS uses advanced machine learning and is totally software based. It processes data from the motion sensors built into mobile devices, applying machine learning techniques to acchieve an unrivalled accuracy. The accuracy range is 0,1m - 3,0 meters at sample rate of 10 Hz and does not require any maintenance at all.

Alternative IPS

Eyedog, is however able to connect to any positioning system that offers micro-location data. Whatever technology and/or technique is used (WiFi stations, BTLE beacons, SLAM, fingerprinting, computer vision, LED, earth magnetic fields, etc), as long as the Indoor Positioning System is able to provide an accurate (2-4 meter) and stable (small standard deviation) set of lat/long coordinates, we know how to handle it with our proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Contact us for more information on indoor positioning systems and how they relate to Eyedog.